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I'm Andy, welcome to the Community Forum!  


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16/09/2020 3:12 pm  

Hi there, I'm Andy and I own 3D Print Orlando.  I've decided to create a place outside of social media where we can discuss a hobby we're all passionate about - without all of the nonsense.  In addition to the online forum, we'll be starting to host more community events at the shop as allowed, and classes will be coming soon.  There is an events calendar on the website and sidebar that will have more info.

I started 3D Print Orlando early last year because I noticed there weren't really any local resources for the hobby, and I always loved going to little hobby shops growing up.  Before I opened the store, I owned and operated a pressure washing business.  Over the last 8 years we ended up cleaning thousands of properties around the area.  I personally cleaned 700+ roofs and regularly worked overnight cleaning restaurants and gas stations all over Central Florida.  Prior to that, I spent 3 years as Firefighter/EMT, and also became a certified Paramedic.  

I also have 18 years of 3D modeling experience and am currently designing my take on the H.E.V. suit from the game Half-Life.   

Please don't be shy, introduce yourself and jump in the conversation.  Don't be afraid to ask for help or offer advice.  Remember this is an all ages hobby, so please keep the discussion appropriate and respectful.  

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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16/09/2020 4:22 pm  

Hi Andy

my name is Sean and I am addicted to 3D printing. What a great idea for the shop. 



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18/09/2020 4:17 am  


I am Joe and I have been 3D printing for about 5 years now. I own a Monoprice Mini Select V2, an Ender 3, and a TronXY X3S.

I hope to be able to start attending the shop meetups again soon and look forward to hanging out with everyone. 

@sfell - Sean, I will try to set up a video chat during the meetings so you can play along from Texas!


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20/09/2020 4:06 am  

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

My name is ThantiK ; You may know me as Anthony in the shop.  I'm the new repair guy that's been working on the printers for the past few months.  I've been doing this for over 10 years now, starting in 2009ish.  My first printer was a broken one that I was told I could use to print RepRap parts if I could fix it.  I fixed it and built my first printer (something akin to the prusa mendel) out of home depot threaded rod and other cobbled together materials.

For the past 7 years I've been with DeltaMaker, another Orlando company building Delta 3D printers (who could have ever guessed!) and I hate delta style printers with a passion.  I know them front, back, inside and out, and if you ever ask my opinion of them - they should all be dismantled and turned into cartesian printers (the kind that you typically see)

I've been a fan of 3DPO since the shop opened, telling as many people as I could about it.  It's always been my dream to build my own business around 3D printing, but Andy beat me to it - so I joined him. 🙂

Back when Google+ was a thing, I led a 3D printing group (you could say it was THE 3D printing group) which totaled 500k members by the time G+ was shut down.  All of my hard work from that community is now archived on makerforums, but their domain is a little bit finicky and their forum software of choice I could never get used to.  So I'm here. 

I am not a credentialed engineer; I do not have my bachelors - but I work enough in electromechanical design that I have approximately 8 years of hands-on experience.  I can design PCBs in KiCAD, I can design mechanical systems in Solidworks, OnShape, etc.  I have many ideas that could rock the 3D printing world that I hope to introduce through 3D Print Orlando and I hope to share them with all of you here while I work on them.

We're all working on trying to make the shop sustainable quickly as the world gets back to normal, so while Andy might not bite, I will for a fee.

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23/09/2020 7:57 pm  

Hi Everyone,

My name is Cris and I'm a noobie to the 3D printing world since April 2020!  I coach an FTC robotics team and we bought a Creality CR10 3D printer to help make ear savers for the masks for hospitals.  So far it's been quite a ride and consumed lots of my time, but I love it or at least when it works, lol . 

I have replaced quite a few parts on it including thermistor, heat sync, hot end assembly and several extruders.  Lately I switched over to the BMG clone direct drive with a clone V6 hotend using the Hero Me system.  I think I finally have everything working pretty well now thanks to help from Andy and Anthony at the store.

Now that the printer seems to in pretty good working order, I want to learn more about how to make better prints, use different filaments and work with different nozzle sizes.  So far I have tried, PLA (Rainbow and Marble), PETG and TPU.  I'm trying wood next.  Wish me luck.

I'm hoping to attend the meetup on Saturday and look forward to upcoming classes.  I want to try to learn everything that I can about 3D printing.  My longest print has was 9 hours and that was a vase in vase mode with a .08 nozzle.

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24/09/2020 1:26 pm  

Hello Everyone, my name is Jonathan and I'm still relatively new to the world of 3D printing. I bought an Ender 3 October of last year and I've slowly upgraded it over the last year. Andy has helped a lot with upgrades and with advice and I'm really glad I found the 3D print Orlando shop.

I haven't had much time to do printing lately as space is limited in our house and we are in the middle of purchasing a home. Very excited to finally have a dedicated space for 3d printing and I hope to expand my 3d print set up and dive further into the hobby.

As of now I've mostly been printing small things from thingiverse but I'd like to start creating my own models and parts as well as print larger models.

I have a lot to learn but I'm very excited Andy is growing this community and look forward to what's to come for 3DPO!