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Half-Life HEV Suit Build  


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21/09/2020 7:01 pm  

Half-Life will always hold a special place in my heart.  When I was first learning to model I would make different characters, weapons, and props to put in Half-Life and it's various mods.  When Counter-Strike took off in popularity, I was making maps and models for it too.  

Since the HEV suit has changed throughout every version of the game, I figured I had a lot of freedom in the design.  I also wanted to stay as true to the original as possible.  You only ever see it briefly in game before putting it on at the beginning, and the rest is 2D art.  I decided to use parts from every version, and added some details of my own that I thought it should have always had.  

Done in 3DS max using polygon modeling, I'd guess somewhere between 100-120 hours so far but there's no way to tell.  I've only just begun to print the pieces and make changes.  It has been put on the backburner several times, and is usually worked on for less than 30 minutes at a time when I've had the chance over the past year or so.  The goal is to wear it to next Cons to promote the business.  It's still a few months from being complete, but I'm hoping to have the best Gordon Freeman cosplay when it's finished.

The suit will be powered by a raspberry pi (green on the render), with sounds from the game and lights connected throughout the suit.  I've added "anti-venom" and "adrenaline" vial injectors on the thighs that will light up, as well as vials to match the HEV suit wall charger in game with 3 blue vials of...HEV juice.  There will be a battery pack (pink) powering the whole thing next to the pi behind a cover.

So far the calf, thigh, and upper arm have all been printed and fit.  I still need to print the lower arm, waist, and torso, as well as design the boot covers.  This thread will follow the rest of the suit build 🙂



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23/09/2020 2:42 pm  

The calf piece was one of the first parts I designed and seem to keep coming back to make small changes.  The knee still needs some smoothing though I also kind of like the low poly look coming through in a few places.  I wanted to finally print one though to test fit and it's a perfect fit all around.  I added channels in the front that hold 1/2" wire looming for decoration, copper buckles, and m5 hardware - but it's otherwise true to the original.  The knee and lower portions will be painted orange like the rest of the suit while the calf and shin portions remain gun metal.  I'll be adding pieces that attach to a boot to finish off the lower leg.  

Printed on an Ender 3 - no supports - .6 nozzle - 34 hours


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